How to Keep Your Bank Account Safe at the Casino

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Here are some tips I have found that will help protect you from yourself when gambling in an online casino or land based casino.

Time Limits:Before you start gambling you should decide on a time to stop gambling and set your watch or cell phone to alert you at that time. When that time comes no matter if you are winning or losing will stop gambling and at least for a few hours leave the casino or log off the online casino and do some non gambling activity, even if it is just eat shower and take a nap. This will help stop you from loosing track of time and eventually all your money as well.

Loss Limit:To make it impossible to go overboard set a limit on how much money you are prepared to lose gambling. I also recommend not bringing extra cash with you to the casino. Should you hit a losing streak you can feel safe because you have no more money on you, and to get some you will have to leave the casino to get more. This will get you away and give you a chance to regain your rational thought. This really only works for a casino, but in an online casino you can set up different accounts with so much money in each account. Should you reach zero on one account you need to log off.

Casino Buddies:This does not mean that you should gamble together, this means that you always make sure to only log into an online casino or visit a casino with a friend and you both agree to look out for the other one. Once one of you hit a predetermined loss limit or time limit you are responsible to get the other away from the casino floor. Loosing control in the casino and having no one to get you out of there is a sure way to lose everything you have and nagapoker get yourself into thousands of dollars in debt.

Public Internet Access:Many cafes and restaurants now offer free Wifi access to the internet and for those who do not have a laptop with them they will have one or 2 terminals that you can use but they are coin operated. Because they are only meant for short term use it will prevent you from sitting there and losing money for long periods of time, after a half hour or so someone is going to ask you if they can use the computer.

Gambling from Your Cell Phone:This type of gambling is becoming more and more popular. Especially with people who have long commutes on busses and trains to get back and forth to work. What better way to kill some time then with a few hands of blackjack. To stop yourself from losing all track or time and reality I suggest that you use a cell hone with prepaid talk time. This is so when the phone runs out of credits it will disconnect from the casino and without another card you can not get back online, and the time it will take you to get another card and reactivate the phone the casinos spell over you will be broken.

A Guide to help you to prevent losing control in the casinos or online poker rooms.


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